Asha Simpson Psychotherapy



Do you feel alone or isolated?
Do you struggle with sadness or depression?
Are you content with your job?
Are you easily irritated or annoyed?
Are you easily worried or panicked?
Do you struggle with impulse control? Anger? Gambling? Shopping? 
Do you find that your moods shift quickly?

 The therapeutic relationship is one that is built on trust and mutual respect. My goal is to provide a safe and respectful space in order to help you reach the outcomes you desire. I offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that will assist you in reaching these goals. I do not offer a cookie-cutter approach, but instead create an individualized treatment plan so as to support you in living a healthy, satisfying life. 


Do you feel like your relationship is not on solid ground?

Do you feel alone?
Is there a lack of respect in your relationship?
Do you feel out of control in your life?

If you answered YES to any these questions I want you to know that you are not alone!  At some point in every relationship the honeymoon phase ends and the reality of daily life sets in. Many couples may be together for months or years without feeling disconnected, but then find that there comes a time when your life together feels out of sync. It is my goal to assist you in reducing and resolving these conflicts quickly and effectively. I have supported many individuals and couples in such work and in our time together I will assist you with your relationship challenges so that you can maintain a healthy and stable partnership.