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About Asha Simpson LICSW

About Asha

I have been  passionate about assisting others from a young age. During my undergraduate education at Seattle University I was privileged to work with the YMCA, where I was able to work with homeless families and women who experienced the trauma of domestic violence. It was there that I discovered my passion with working with families and children. At this point I decided to pursue a graduate education at the University of Southern California, where I obtained my Masters in Social Work in 2008. 

During my time in Los Angeles I worked in the LA Unified School District with gang-populated youths and adolescents struggling with identity-related issues surrounding life transitions and family problems. Upon my return to the Seattle area, I began working in King County with families, adolescents, and children. It was through my years of working with this population that it became clear to me that so many families struggle with attachment-related issues. After several years in this field I decided to open a private practice so that I could focus on attachment and building stronger relationships between parents and their children.  As a therapist it is an enriching experience to work with others and support them on their journey.

Therapeutic Process

Therapy is a process that many have found to be beneficial. My practice is a place where clients can focus on themselves, their interests, and work through their challenges and struggles; it is a place where you can feel empowered and strong. All of us go through different phases in life and having another perspective to help make that transition less stressful can make the difficult times more manageable. I look at our time together as a journey that will bring the conscious and unconscious to the surface so that we can work together to reduce anger, sadness, stress, anxiety and depression.